Farming that Brings Glory to God and Hope to the Hungry

By: Craig Sorley, founding Director, Care of Creation, Kenya. With chronic hunger affecting millions, the world today needs to completely rethink its relationship to both agriculture and the environment.

This book discusses how to put God -- the First Gardener, the First Farmer, and the First Forrester -- back into the center of agriculture by building agriculture systems modeled after the beauty and diversity that we see in the Garden of Eden. In doing this, we glorify God, we brighten our testimony for Christ and we mode substantially in a direction that brings blessings to our brothers and sisters who are chronically hungry.

In honor to our Lord, we as Christians should be leading by example in responding appropriately to a creation that groans and to a world where growing numbers of people struggle to find enough food.

When our agriculture landscapes have been degraded and rendered less productive, we as Christians must work to restore and rebuild the strength and fullness of those landscapes. Where our farming systems have damaged or continue to damage other parts of creation, we must lead the way in eliminating or minimizing that damage. Our gardens and farms should bear tangible witness to the fact that we serve a God of all creation and that we hold tightly to standards and principles that reflect a Biblical view of agriculture.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Craig Sorley grew up in three different countries of East Africa as the son of medical missionaries where he developed his own calling to foreign missions and his keen interest in creation. Holding a degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Forestry and Education, Craig is the founding director of Care of Creation, Kenya (CCK), an evangelical mission organization dedicated to awakening the church to glorify God in the area of environmental and agriculture stewardship.

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